Online SharePoint Training

This Microsoft SharePoint Training Certification includes 6 comprehensive Microsoft SharePoint Courses, 1 Projects and Lifetime Access Lab and tools. You get to learn how to install,deploy, manage, support SharePoint.

This SharePoint training course teaches how to create a solution using SharePoint 2013. You will learn the concepts from beginner stage to advanced level. SharePoint is a central repository where companies can store and share all the data. There are three ways to install SharePoint which includes SharePoint Server, Office 365 and share point foundation. Coming with share foundation is the basic web-based collaboration with security features. Major key features include effective document, controlled business data, reduced resources. Key responsibilities of Share Point Server include searching flexibility, content creation management Using SharePoint lists enables business Connectivity services. Office 365 is to develop rich applications. SharePoint 2013 has the capabilities which comprise of sites templates, social networking capabilities, managing contents in web pages, searching and tagging blogs most importantly business Intelligence supports.

SharePoint Training Curriculum

In this section, each module of the SharePoint Certification Course is explained.

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SharePoint: 01 – Installing Share point

You learn how to install office 2013 and new features of SharePoint. It covers all the topics like types of installation procedures, requirements of hardware and software and the required software’s to be installed. Also, you will learn the installation of SQL Server 2008, Scripting installation and configuration settings in this SharePoint Training.


02 – Lists and Library Apps

You will be learning about Lists and library apps working. The topics include managing lists and libraries, creating list solutions, managing site applications according to scenario-defined lists and libraries includes drag and drop functionality, the creation of the custom list, applying security and updating permissions. You will walk through working with list components which includes adding columns, sorting, filter list, template creation, and content type and working with a large set of lists and how to query and retrieve list data. In this module, students will work with out-of-the-box lists and you will be trained to create a list from a data using MS Excel.


SharePoint: 03 -Office Applications/

SharePoint Training course will teach how to create applications using SharePoint Office. More Specifically you will learn to edit documents in the office. Learn how to integrate Excel with SharePoint. develop advanced applications in analyzing share point list data in excel and also integrating business data with the office. Next topic covers Introduction to workflows, the creation of workflow default using Web interface and SharePoint designer workflows. How to use workflow in the list and reusable workflows with the real-time project. It teaches how to add web part in the site. This SharePoint training teaches how to manage documents to work progress and document management locations. And working design and implementation with document management feature in share point. And detailed concepts on Version, Content types and content Type hub.


Sharepoint: 05-Tasks and Programming List

This SharePoint Certification Training teaches how to use the SharePoint application model and introduction to developer tools. You will work through the SharePoint developer landscape and understand how to deploy and execute models. Helps in designing and customizing sites using SharePoint designer. You will learn how to deploy and packaging using share Point. This SharePoint certification course teaches

Introduction to developer tools
how to add Web parts.
Demonstration on the Designer application.
More on Displaying XML File, Displaying SQL Database


SharePoint: 06 – Silver Lights

You will learn about how to manage tasks in SharePoint. And explain how to perform programming related tasks. Developer tasks include Creating and working with web part in data view on a SharePoint Page. Managing and adding the web part to the gallery. Creating event receivers with examples and programming after events. basic introduction to event receivers’ base class and event handlers.

Creating ASPX Pages and how to run code on web servers.
In the second module, You will also learn how to
Create a custom list
Creating XAML file.
Implementing JavaScript
Overview of product user Control using XAML
Run for Each Loop
Creating a string variable
Developing the Client object model
How to Navigate the Programming List
Programmatically write List data
Adding Label Control.
Using Restful Program List


SharePoint:04 – Developer Tools

In this SharePoint Training Certification, you will learn in – depth topic on developing and building a web part.
1.Creation of First SharePoint Application which covers

Customizing Sales Record Visual Web
How to Add Custom List
Designing Coding Parts of Sales Record
Designing visual web Part – working with layouts and creating content Pages.
Learn to develop Creation of New Class
Learn to implement site collection Features.
Implementing with the browser.

Developing First Application Using Business Connectivity Services

What is Microsoft SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is a Microsoft workflow tool designed to manage documents, procedures, social activities and organized the process. It acts as a general-purpose platform to share information (document, web page, apps) with people as a server-based product. Here, you can share the contents with our partners and allows individuals to create and manage own collaborative Websites. It is developed in the year 2001 and supports diverse enterprises. It is beneficial for both business and individual as well. They help the wide area in business by simplifying administration, managing risk factors, performance and reliability improvisation. Share point helps users to access the data’s anywhere. Professionals around the world can meet up and connect with their colleagues. SharePoint is powerful and versatile tools helps in building document management and can handle multiple applications.

Which tangible skills you will learn in this course?

At the end of this SharePoint training, you will gain how to work with documents workflows. You will learn to create widgets and develop custom background. Ability to understand complex technical concepts. Can learn developer tools, solutions, resources used to design for office platforms to reach the market. It enables you to gain in-depth knowledge on business intelligence, content management, document management and maintaining server applications. After mastering this course, you can develop remote event receiver using SharePoint with the help of Visual Studio 2015. You will get experience in working with intranet communities meanwhile you will get know how to customize the sites as user needs.

Target Audience

    SharePoint course can be opted by IT professionals whose aim is to become an industry expert. Should have experience in Windows Servers. Best suited for developers from web development. Students who have good knowledge of MS Office can take up this training. Organization team who are interested in SharePoint projects and attendees interested to add SharePoint skills to their resume are Target Audience for this SharePoint Training Course.